The Gentle, Profound, Direct Route to Learn to Swim

Be Peaceful in Deep Water

Half of adults in the U.S. are fearful in water.

When we are afraid, something happens. At Miracle Swimming, you learn what it is, how to stop it, and how to prevent it from starting. That’s the Beginning course. Learn by having fun. Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of being safe in water and early skills. Students are surprised at what they can learn. It’s joyful!

In the Next Step course, you learn to be confident that you will prevent it. You can be in control of this. The confidence allows you to expand your skills to do things you’ve always wanted to do.

In our Deep Water Play course, you master knowing that you’ll prevent it. You become fully present in water over your head all the time. Then you can follow your whims to play and be free. Our 37 years of teaching has refined our system to ‘perfection.’

As you can see, learning to swim is about you, not arms and legs.

“Then what are arms and legs about?”


Comfort & Safety First

Efficiency Later

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Miracle Swimming is the only school we know where:

  • All the steps of learning to swim are known, both physical and internal
  • The steps are presented in the correct sequence

You’ll turn your first corner in our Introductory course, online or in-person. You’ll turn the second corner in the Beginning course. Then you’ll be going the right direction! Join us for our fun, surprising, liberating, empowering breakthrough classes. 

“I consider myself a good student.  I listen, I focus, I try my best.  But no matter how many swim classes I took (countless over the years), the fear of water stayed with me.  I dreaded those classes – the cold water, the mechanical instruction, the anxiety of ‘not getting it.’

From the first few minutes of my Miracle Swimming class, it was different. The steps of their method are so minutely incremental, it didn’t feel like they were teaching.  It felt like talking to a good friend in a safe and warm pool, and before you know it, you’re making progress.  Once you feel safe in water, you naturally want to explore more of the water.  Just that realization alone was worth more than all those other classes put together.

To say that this was money well-spent is an understatement, as the experience has been invaluable to me.”

– P.S., New York City

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