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Core Courses Overview

Staying Safe in the Time of Covid-19

We redesigned our teaching format to keep all students and instructors 100% safe, according to CDC guidelines. CDC designates pools and swimming as safe if the guidelines are followed. We developed two patent-pending devices that allow each student to feel safe 100% of the time even though the instructor is 6 feet away. We expect that students want to adhere to social distancing and other guidelines to be safe.

Whereas typically our instructors and spotters have been right next to students to prevent them from “floating away,” this has been replaced by our float bars and strap kits which allow students to easily stop on their own. Now, each student receives all of his/her safety from him/herself at the float bar. You can even become self-reliant in the deep. Most of our photos are pre -covid.

Go from A to Z

There has to be at least one place in the world where you can go from terror in shallow water to joy in deep water, even doing triathlons, SCUBA diving peacefully, and playing in the pool and ocean with the grand kids. That’s Miracle Swimming. Begin with our core courses, which take you from A to Z— fear to confidence— in deep water. Our Advanced courses do the rest: the A to Z of strokes and full water fun.

Learn at your own pace.
Most images on this site are pre-Covid.

Everyone starts with Beginning or Ultra Beginning

Anyone who is afraid in deep water is a beginner: at the beginning of understanding how the water and your body work together.


Success is inevitable when you start at the beginning and skip no steps!

Ultra Beginning

This course is exactly like our Beginning Course (see description) except that it goes more slowly and we don’t plan to enter deep water. Spend more time learning to let the water support you in a pool where you can place your hands on the bottom. Learn in standard-depth water, as well. Be with your swimming people!

Prerequisite: you must have fear in water. Some people say, “I don’t know what to do with the water.”

24-hour course, 5 days

Sarasota FL $1399
Palm Springs CA $1659




Start at the beginning with essentials you won’t find elsewhere. All the basics that no one ever told you plus early skills. Begin to learn how to be at ease in the deep, too.

24-hour course, 5 days

Prerequisite: you must be fearful in water over your head.

Sarasota FL $1399
Palm Springs CA $1659
Chicago area $1399 (8 days / 4 weekends)


Next Step

The goal of the in-person course is to finish what you began in the Beginning course: mastering shallow water and becoming calm in water over your head. When you’ve mastered this course, you can rest and play in deep water without getting tired for 10 or 15 minutes. You’ll be able to say, “I can swim.” 

24-hour course, 5 days

Prerequisites: Miracle Swimming Beginning or Ultra Beginning course. You can float and unfloat, roll over, and do reversals in shallow water peacefully. You’ve learned with the 5 Circles concept.

Sarasota FL $1399
Palm Springs CA $1659
Chicago area $1399 (8 days / 4 weekends)


Deep Water Play

Become proficient in the deep end! Learn to use the water to pick up the keys you dropped in the deep, find a nose clip, play games, swim along the bottom, do tricks. This solidifies your confidence to say, “I can swim.”

15 hour course, 4 days

Prerequisites: you can rest and bob and swim around the deep end peacefully for at least 5 minutes away from the wall. Next Step course is recommended.

Sarasota FL $895


Ocean 101

This class takes place at the beach. Learn how to enter the ocean by navigating waves and breakers. Learn how your pool skills transfer to the ocean and how to take care of yourself in beach water conditions, rip currents, critters, and salt water.

Prerequisites: you must be a Beginning or Ultra-Beginning class graduate able to float, unfloat, do reversals, and roll over peacefully.

Sarasota FL $560


Jump Off the Boat

There are times when you want to be at ease jumping off a boat. In this course, we start by jumping into a deep pool. We end up jumping off a boat out in the open waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico!

9-10 hour course, 2 days

Prerequisites: you have completed our Next Step course. Ocean 101 is also recommended, but not required.

Sarasota FL $495


Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are offered for our graduates who have overcome their fear. They now have attention to spare for things other than survival. This includes:

*Strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke,  Butterfly and turns)
*SCUBA Diving
*Stand Up Paddle
*Boogie Boarding