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Three courses in a series make up our core offering that reliably takes an adult from any level of fear in water to complete freedom and peace of mind in water over one’s head in a pool. Go at your own pace.

Beginning or Ultra Beginning (24 hours)
Next Step (24 hours)
Deep Water Play (15 hours)
These and the courses listed below are available for registration today from the Course Schedule page, but not this page!

You must know how your body floats. Do you think it doesn’t?
A very few people don’t float. It needn’t be an emergency!

A series of five courses suffices for achieving complete freedom in water over one’s head in the ocean or lake. People may become free sooner.

Beginning or Ultra Beginning
Next Step
Deep Water Play
Ocean 101 (12 hours)
Jump Off the Boat (9-10 hours)

None of these courses involve strokes. The natural order is that you learn to swim “inefficiently” before you learn to swim efficiently! The moment you’ve overcome your fear in deep water, you’ve learned to swim. At that moment, you can move in the water freely at will and get air without a thought. Strokes are unnecessary for comfort, confidence, or safety.

Once you’ve learned to swim, it makes sense to learn to swim efficiently if your goal is to be a lap swimmer or triathlete.

When you master the skills of one course you may proceed to the next. You may repeat a course as many times as necessary to master it. Everyone starts with either the Beginning or Ultra Beginning course. Though you may be comfortable in shallow water and wish to learn to be comfortable in water over your head, if this course is for you, you rely on the bottom for your safety in shallow water now and you must learn how to rely on yourself. There are basics you need to know about how the water works and preventing panic, which you’ll learn in the Beginning course. They are essential. We have not seen them taught elsewhere in 37 years.

Start from where you are today–the perfect place–and see how our classes surprise you.

Playing in the deep

Our students have requested courses in the 4 strokes, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and swimming with dolphins in the wild. We have taught them locally and in beautiful vacation destinations around the world. When you’re ready for one of these advanced classes, there is a Request Form to tell us your desired course and your time availability. When we receive a minimum number of requests for a given class, it will be placed on our schedule.