Ultra Beginning

Who Are Our Ultra Beginners?

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Ultra Beginners are not interested in going to the deep end in their first course with us. They want to get started. They want to be assured that yes, they can learn. They want to learn what our process is and to have breakthroughs that convince them that they, too, are born swimmers.  They may feel as though there is something very deep to be healed.

What Is the Course?

This course is exactly like our Beginning Course except that it goes more slowly and we do not intend to enter deep water. Not that you’re prevented from going there if you want to! We use the same Beginning Course Handbook, have the same conversations and make the same points . You spend more time learning to let the water support you in the very shallow water where you can place your hands on the bottom and less time in standard depths. You’re with “your swimming people. “

Where and How?

Comfort Inn Pool

The Ultra Beginning course is given in Sarasota, Florida over 5 days. 

24 hours
5 days/$1399
8 three-hour classes of 1 hour on land followed by 2 hours in warm water

Register 120 days or more in advance to receive a discount of $50, deducted when your balance is paid.

A nonrefundable deposit of $150 holds your space in class.

Register for Ultra Beginners Course

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