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Our Covid Response

So far, so good!

Students and instructor socially distant. Learning continues thanks to our float bars and straps keeping you safe until you're confident.

There has to be a way to learn safely during Covid

We believe we’ve got it!

Our Covid precautions:

It is our intention that all students arrive without Covid19 and leave without it (students and instructor)!
In order to take control of the parts of prevention that we can control, we agree upon consistently wearing masks and staying at least 6 feet apart.
In a class situation where you’re together, relating to each other, accustomed to certain ways of moving and interacting, it takes a little more mindfulness to protect yourselves and one another. Please give yourselves and others permission to do awkward things to stay safe!😁

From our understanding, it’s the droplets of a person’s exhalation that carry the virus. It can also be passed on our hands.

Masks keep your exhalation close to you and others’ exhalation away. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet makes it all the more likely that if your mask isn’t tightly woven, the virus’ won’t reach another. These precautions are taken. It takes going slowly, planning your moves in the beginning, and being very much in the 1st Circle! You’ll learn about that in class!
During class time, please wear your mask 100% of the time that you’re not in the water and 100% of the time that you’re seeing anyone in the class.  That means your bag is at the pool edge and once you get into the water, you put your mask in your bag. You put it back on before you get out. Please discuss this in class at the beginning and see if you agree that this sounds like a reasonable practice.
When in the pool, our intention is that each of you has a 6 foot square block of water to float in, and a 6 foot buffer between your square and the next person’s. We only take 4 in a class so there is ample space. So far, so good.
When you want to go from here to there, you’ll need more than 6 feet, so you’ll have to plan that out. Leave a buffer zone between your personal pool space and the next person’s. 
Any exhalation that falls to your hands or body or the water will be sanitized by the chlorine rather than reaching someone else if you’re far enough apart.
Being outdoors helps droplets disperse rather than falling in one spot or accumulating in a small area. This is why our classes are outdoors. 
The instructor is there to teach you the system and the steps, and oversee that each person is learning them and having fun. She will help you physically if there’s an emergency, of course. But Miracle Swimming is about preventing emergencies because each of you is learning how to stay in the 1st Circle (calm) all the time in the water. You do new things when you’re so in your body doing X that it automatically becomes X+1. 
There has to be a way to continue becoming confident in deep water and learning to swim during Covid.
We look forward to your fun and success… and hearing about it!

About Our Founder, Melon Dash

Founder Melon Dash opened her swim school in 1983 when it was one of two schools in the adult swimming lessons industry. Now, she leads it.

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38 years of unparalleled success

Our 5 Circles Teaching System

There has to be a way to teach that works for everyone: something so basic that it goes beyond background, personality, beliefs, or level of fear. The 5 Circles. See for yourself.

There's a spark in you that hasn't given up on learning to swim.

We hope you’ll come to the grandaddy of adult beginning swimming classes. The school with the satisfaction guarantee. The system that does it all. The teaching we believe can change all teaching.

Above: The doctor among them came to the Beginning course. Then she enrolled her sister and next, their mother. Then, they came together from 3 states for a swimming date, their first ever.

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