Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructors


Decatur: Ali Meeks 206-779-9425,,


San Francisco: TBA 941-921-6420,,

Palm Springs: Sharon Kovar, 941-921-6420,,


Sarasota: Melon Dash, Teresa Hanafi, 941-921-6420, Miracle Swimming Headquarters

Fort Myers: Nila Little, 740-407-9454,

Royal Palm/West Palm Beach: Sharon Powers 561-596-5199,,


Chicago and Crystal Lake: Sharon Kovar 815-355-2017,,

Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructors have the most advanced, comprehensive training available in the world for teaching non-swimmer adults, to our knowledge. They have taken a 40-hour online training and a 2-week hands-on training, digested and agreed with our book, DVD and podcast, and taught Miracle Swimming to prove that they embody the system. Their students’ course feedback must meet minimum standards of excellence. They fully understand teaching adults who are afraid in water.