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Book: Conquer Your Fear of Water (Paperback or E-book)

Ebook ($12.00)

Paperback ($22.00 – $38.95)

Book: Conquer Your Fear of Water

Paperback: Conquer Your Fear of Water Learn to Swim with the 5 Circles, Breakthrough in Teaching and Learning, Black and white, 330 pages, 200 photos and diagrams Ebook: Color, PDF format
330 pages of new lessons: a new starting point, new approach, and new steps that leave no stone unturned and no skill unlearned.
  • These are the steps of overcoming fear. Learning to swim is literally overcoming fear, for adults.
  • Strokes are not part of learning to swim: they are part of learning to swim efficiently after you learn to swim.
  • New idea. Old truths that were revealed in 1983. New success. This is the cutting edge of adult learn-to-swim. Feel understood.
  • Two books in one: a book about healing fear and a book about learning to swim from your starting point.
  • Author and Miracle Swimming founder Melon Dash’s work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, CNN’s Headline News, Real Simple, Elle, San Francisco Chronicle, Tampa Bay Times, Sarasota Herald Tribune, and dozens more.