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Who Are Our Beginners?

Beginners are fearful in water over their heads. Usually they've taken swimming lessons previously where “proper movement of arms and legs” was the definition of learning to swim. Fear wasn’t handled.

Beginners derive their safety from the bottom of the pool or the side. They want to get it from themselves.

If you're a beginner, you may believe that if you could just DO X (tread water, breathe), then you would BE Y (comfortable and confident). Actually, it's the other way around! This is why we guarantee success.

The student at the left is learning with our new Covid19 protocol. This is Session #3 of 8. See the video below to see her and her classmate in Session #8.

What Is the Course?

“Everything you always wanted to know that no one ever told you”

Start at the beginning and skip no steps. It is literally impossible to fail if you try our system.

Online: All the dry-land sessions of our normal Beginning course with more time to discuss all your questions. This is followed each week by an hour of learning the basic skills with visualization, photos and video clips. 23 hours over 8 Saturdays.

In-Person: All the dry-land sessions and shallow water skills you need, including essential skills not taught elsewhere. Begin to learn ease in the deep by relying on yourself for your safety, rather than the bottom or the side. The photo at the left portrays learning during Covid. Each student will learn a portion of his/her confidence at our new Float Bars, as pictured. You are connected securely to the bar so you don't need a spotter. These allow social distancing, yet allow you to learn the early skills comfortably.

  • 8 three-hour classes of 1 hour on land followed by 2 hours in warm water. Register 120 days or more in advance to receive a discount of $50 on the in-person course, deducted when your balance is paid.

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Water Online?

There's key information you need to learn to swim. A significant part of it doesn't require the water. It's covered in our online course. You've already tried going to the pool to learn. There's something else that's essential. Sign up and get it!

We've always had a dry-land component to our courses. In the online course, you'll learn from conversations and points made during the first half of each class session that teach precisely what you need to know, that lead you to understand what's been missing. The gaps will be filled in. You'll learn skills by visualization in the second half of each session. Ask all your questions and get satisfying answers.

Though you will need to prove the learning to yourself in the water, you can get started and make remarkable progress online.

Hazel: "My swimming has been changed by an online course."

If your mind changed, would you feel like Hazel? Below, she reports on her progress 4 weeks after the course:
"...But there it happened: I did a back float without holding on! And a front float! Without holding on! So I thought why stop here - let’s do back float - unfloat - front float and the other way round. And I did!!! I was amazed at myself. Could this really be happening? I am so proud of myself!"

  • 8 three-hour classes online via Zoom. $399
  • Attend the first class as an introduction for $39

You Can Count On:

  • Changing your mind and changing your life. Having fun, going at your own pace, being comfortable all the time.
  • Overcoming fear without being scared
  • Understanding for the first time "how the water works." Doing things you never could, because you feel better than you ever did
  • Receiving relevant information, answering all your questions
  • Realizing that you can learn to swim
  • Being a different person—more yourself—when you leave
  • 4-6 adults in class (during Covid19 restrictions), all at different starting points and learning rates but all needing the same information and therefore learning individually, together and at their own pace
  • No pressure or competition
  • Advancing your discoveries by sharing them. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

From above: our two Beginning Course students at Session #8 of 8 in our first course with Covid protocol. This is why they call it Miracle Swimming.

These two overcame fear in 5 days

At the beginning of the week, the swimmer in the green cap was not comfortable putting her face in water in the shallow end.

We proved to ourselves this week that our instructor does not have to be within 6 feet of our students for breakthroughs of this magnitude to happen in 5 days. There is still more to learn, but what a great beginning!