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Who Are Our Ultra Beginners?

The Ultra Beginning course is the Beginning course scaled back to allow more time to learn each part. Please read that course description. Take UB to learn with the use of a 2-foot pool. You cannot fail to learn to float here. We cover the many steps that come before floating first, as in our Beginning course. Spend time in standard depth water as well. We do not go into deep water.

To determine whether you are an Ultra Beginner or a Beginner, take our Online Live Introductory course ($39) or call us. After that course, we'll know where you belong.

Ultra Beginners have usually taken swimming lessons before. They were afraid most of the time but fear wasn’t addressed. “Proper movement of arms and legs” was the goal.

Have you heard yourself say, "If I could just DO X, then I would BE Y"? Actually, it's the other way around: if you were comfortable, you'd be able to learn all that you want to know.

Where and How?

For this time during COVID19, we developed a highly effective protocol that does not require an instructor to come within 6 feet of students. We have sectioned off ample squares of pool space for each student for social distancing. Each student has his/her own learning station.

What Is the Course?

Start at the beginning and skip no steps. We cover all the points and conversations that must be covered in order for you to gain a new understanding of how the water works and how to overcome fear.

Course format: 8 three-hour class sessions, each 1 hour of dry-land time followed by 2 hours in the pool, customized for you. The "UB" class spends more time in the very shallow water to allow time for adjustment and learning. Standard-depth water is available when you're ready. Learn to put your face in comfortably, float on front and back, "unfloat," etc.

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