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Who Takes Ocean 101?

When your confidence and curiosity lead you to the ocean’s edge, this course gives you the information you need. You must be a Beginning class graduate, able to float, unfloat, and roll over peacefully to be eligible. Classes are held at 2 beaches to give you more experience. You may also take Snorkeling as your first ocean course as long as you meet these prerequisites.

What Is the Course?

Learn how to enter the ocean by navigating waves and breakers. Learn to take care of yourself regarding water conditions, rip currents, critters, and salt water. Float, swim, maneuver, understand the ocean’s movement near shore. Learn to use the 5 Circles in the ocean.

Where and How?

Sarasota, Florida: Lido Beach and Siesta Key Beach, #1
Beach in the USA.

12 hours/3 days $560

Register for Ocean 101 Course

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