DIY Learn-to-Swim Kit

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Do-It-Yourself Learn-to-Swim!

Connect yourself to a Float Bar or your pool ladder or railing. Feel safe, knowing you won’t drift away: you’re securely connected with straps. Stop when you wish: you’re in control. Float bar and straps: patent pending. By feeling safe, you can experience and experiment with what’s true about water and deep water. Overcome your fear.

One strap goes around your waist. One strap connects to the Float Bar, pool ladder or railing. One strap extends your distance from the Float Bar. As you become more confident, expand a strap to float further away. Color coded connectors make them simple. Pipes fill with water, keeping Float Bar on the floor. Float Bar immediately drains as it’s removed from pool.

Good floats are demonstrated by the student photos above: students are at ease. The diagonal float is normal for someone with lean legs. A horizontal float is just as good.

This kit includes:

  • Float bar plans* PDF: build it yourself with PVC pipe. Excellent instructions with photos.
  • three straps
  • how-to book
  • how-to DVD
  • podcast

*A Float Bar shipped to you is built to the specifications below.

1. Why do I need the book, DVD, and podcast?
If you have a float bar and you use “common knowledge” to teach yourself to float, you will inevitably skip steps, scare yourself, and become discouraged. Common knowledge is incorrect. At Miracle Swimming, that doesn’t happen. Our book, DVD, and podcast teach you how to learn, feeling safe all the time. No more panicking in the shallow or deep, at the wall or in the middle. Your urgency to learn is understandable. However, a little knowledge first goes a long way. Listen to the podcast or read the first 60 pages of the book to get started. Or watch the DVD before you get into the pool. Read the whole book to learn to swim comfortably in the shallow and deep. Formal strokes are not relevant and not included.

2. Ideally, your tummy will not touch the Float Bar when you float on your back. If it does, put the Float Bar in shallower water. Or, make your Float Bar taller.

How can you know in advance if your tummy will touch it?
If you’re fairly lean, you will most likely float at a diagonal and your feet will be on the floor, or near it.
If you’re not lean at all, you will most likely float horizontally and your abdomen will touch the Float Bar.


Height: 40 inches to top of cross bar
Length: 67 inches
Width (including side supports): 81 inches
Width of cross bar: 40 inches