Introductory Course

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Find out if Miracle Swimming is for you: three options.

  1. Take our 2.5 hour course in Sarasota through ACE ($50)
  2. Listen to our podcast (any or all of 13 episodes) $6
  3. Read our book, Conquer Your Fear of Water, which teaches our whole Beginning and Next Step courses step by step and/or see our DVD.Ebook, paperback, DVD $35.95
    Paperback, DVD $29.95
    Ebook, DVD $25.95
    Paperback $19.95
    DVD $19.95
    Ebook $12

Introductory Course Agenda

  • Share the story of how you became fearful in water
  • See our system
  • Pool
  • Wrap-up

Answer all your questions about what Miracle Swimming teaches, and how. Then you’ll know whether we’re a fit!


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