Grads’ Comments

We quote every single student, not just a few! Want to know what percentage of people are happy?

Most recent feedback is coming….


“Stop letting fear be in control of your life. This program not only teaches you how to swim…but its principles can be applied in LIFE!” — RO, Sarasota, FL

“Very different than any other lessons that I have taken. I was very happy with this class and I have signed up for the Next Step class.” — BB, Bradenton, FL

 “It works when everything else fails.” – DM, Tampa, FL

 “Definitely go for it. The principles taught here can be implemented in all aspects of your life. I am grateful I found this class.” — AT, Tampa, FL

 “’Miracle Swimming delivers’ a unique approach to facilitate students gaining comfort in the water and their interaction with the water.” — LR, Bradenton, FL

“I was healing not only my fear of water, but of life. It sounds weird coming from a 72 year old woman, but it’s true. Your method of teaching is perfection.” — HA, Cape Coral, FL


“It’s been a transformational week for me. …I can now understand water and be myself as I learn comfort and fun as a swimmer. It’s totally worth every minute and I fundamentally feel like a different person!” — JL, Sarasota, FL

“MSA is an entirely unique and effective method of learning to overcome your fear of water. It is unlike traditional swimming classes in many, many ways.” — MAG, Jamestown, NY


“Fabulous, wonderful, every accolade you could imagine. It’s personal, effective, and you will be amazed at your ability to overcome and conquer your fears. It is life-changing!” — SW, Rochester, NY

 “Amazing! I have made so much progress in this class after having complete failure in other classes. ‘The MSA teaching method is’ one of a kind.” — JO, Pflugerville, TX

“I feel very positive about the class.” — VF, New York, NY

 “Embrace what the first circle really means to you. If you’re not in it, then you don’t move on. Comfort over skills. I will be back.” — CH, Warwickshire, UK

“’This class provides’ a clinically sound approach, using behavioral cognitive and mindfulness approaches. Its goal is to desensitize fear and give a slow, safe approach to swimming.” — DH, Douglaston, NY

 “Awesome type of learning for adults.” — SO, Ontario, CAN

“Course Content: 10/10. Uniqueness of Teaching, Effectiveness of Teaching, Discussions: 10/10.. What worked for me was getting over my fear of deep water.” — TS, Vandalia, IL

 “What worked well for me was going slowly and staying calm.” — CC, Gaithersburg, MD


“I was very impressed with teaching procedures and process”—NP, Sarasota, Fl

“…everything you fear about adult swimming programs is dispelled in this program. The comfort, feeling of safety, great trust in self and by Instructor was incredible…priceless. The Principles of eliminating fear from your life that this course taught can be applied to many areas of your life afterwards!”—PM, Sarasota, FL

“Excellent.” PA, Sarasota, FL

“This class is so special and unique. Designed to let you go at your own pace, no pressure, only comfort. In fact, they insist on it! RB, Sarasota, FL


“Good balance between having my own time and working with the instructor or spotter. Outstanding, inspiring and fun classmates! I am still blown away by how much fun I am having conquering my deepest fear in life.” –BL, San Francisco, CA

“This truly is a miracle swimming course. Breakthroughs happened in every single class. Progress occurred organically, with skills learned in one session expanding naturally and seamlessly into more advanced skills in the subsequent session.” –NH, San Francisco, CA

“I am shocked at the level of comfort I feel in the water, ESPECIALLY now that “the middle part of the deep end” no longer holds the same fear it did 8 sessions ago. I 100% recommend this class. It’s worth every penny.” –TH, Oakland, CA

“What I find most useful are specific questions and the instructor’s explanations and observations. The instructors could quickly spot and assess ones “problems” and help. A full hour of discussion did not work well for me. But the class lives up to its claims.” –RP, San Francisco, CA

“This class covered all of the areas that we needed to learn to swim. It was different from other classes. This method corrects our mistakes very effectively. I liked our discussions. I feel this is a course that is needed for people like me.” –RC, Oakland, CA

“Just the fact that you are encouraged to slow down worked well for me. Take the class. Period. …It’s transformative.” –GC, Palo Alto, CA

“Deep water worked especially well for me even though I need more practice. The nose clip did not work well. It’s a very good class. I highly recommend it to everyone.” –SF, Oakland, CA

“The instructor’s patience, simplicity of class and noncompetitive nature worked especially well for me. I thought we could have discussed the book more. Loved it! Worth every penny.”
–SS, Saratoga, CA


“I would encourage my non-swimming friends to come. It is truly learning while having fun.” –LC, Wilmington, DE

“I’m happy I took the class. Money well spent. What I learned here was priceless. I’ve accomplished more in my first class than I did after years and years of traditional swim “classes”. ” –VH, Orlando, FL

“Very satisfied, I feel good about it.” –JV, Utrecht, Netherlands

“I would encourage any adult to take this class, especially if they fear getting into deep water.” –BG, Cape Girardeau, MO

“Melon is coach, teacher, counselor, and therapist. She is a “miracle worker”. I am so glad I put aside all reservations and took the risk.” –BW, Aldie, VA

“I had fun, which I know Miracle Swimming promises, but I still didn’t expect it–fun and swim lessons just did not compute!” –KK, Union, Kentucky

“It’s wonderful to have a solid week to focus on swimming. I would highly recommend blocking out the time. It works.” –MO, Guildford, CN

“If you’ve felt the frustration of speeding through a traditional swim class and fretting the whole time, then Miracle Swimming is for you.” –LJ, Belleville, IL



“Fifty years of fear won’t be completely erased in 5 days, but I’ve done some things in deep water with this class that I would never have done without it.” –MG, Las Vegas, NV

“I liked being able to go at my own pace. I wasn’t pressured into doing things that made me uncomfortable. It was great getting to the root of my fears and being able to identify them.” LT, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“I feel released from trauma!” MP, Chicago, IL

“Definitely take this class if you are afraid in water. This method of teaching exceeds any other class.” SS, Land ‘O Lakes, FL

“I never felt pressured to try anything I wasn’t ready to try.” SF, Sarasota, FL

“This class has been life changing.” SH, Tallahassee, FL

“This class worked well for me by helping me to slow down.” TB, Tuscaloosa, AL

“This class was the best thing that happened to me.” VS, Land ‘O Lakes, FL

SARASOTA FL ULTRA BEGINNING MAY, 2014, 6 of 6 students

“This class was great after you learn not to push. I found it different from my past experience.” –SM, Birmingham, AL

“I was disappointed that the shallow pool was not available exclusively to us. I did well in the time I spent in the pool. I was not able to translate what I learned in the shallow pool to the larger pool.” –VV, Sarasota, FL

“The instructors were very patient with me. They answered questions and showed me what I was doing wrong. They always listened to our concerns.” –MW, Silver Spring, MD

“Being in a group, and learning to relax in the water, worked especially well for me. I felt I made some modest progress in skills and attitude.” –LK, Brooklyn, NY

“I trust the instructor. Her teaching style is sincere, caring and adapted extremely well to the needs of each student. This class was outstanding. Wish I’d discovered it earlier.” –KJ, Tampa, FL

“I am very pleased with MSA and the course. There was one part of the website where the content focused on African Americans. This made my decision (to join this class) much easier. I now believe we are all born swimmers and while the course didn’t do anything different just because I’m African American, I felt more comfortable with the course because of the research MSI put into the topic.” –AW, Duluth, GA

NEW YORK CITY BEGINNING CLASS, MAY 2014, 7 of 8 students

“I found the discussion period just as helpful as being in the pool.” –DW, Hillsborough NJ

“This class exceeded my expectations, reacquainted me with water, and gave me the tools to feel comfortable in deep water. It  made me want to go to the deep pool to practice these skills.” –AK, NYC

“What worked for me was the chance to experiment and have fun in a safe environment. This is the way to learn.” –DM, Stamford, CT

“I’m glad I have finally found a class that suits my needs. It helped me to be confident and at ease in the water (deep or shallow). I have already told my friends and will encouraging them to join the class. It’s worth your time and money.” –RA, NYC

“The class allows the students to learn at their own pace and develop a sense of awareness about how your body moves in the water.” –JR, Secaucus, NJ

“I think the full course should be longer. Excellent beginner class.” –BM, NYC

“What worked well for me was being able to go at my own pace.” –AM, Bronx, NY


“MSI Beginning Swimming is the only class that got me into the water.  It did so without making my fears and ‘issues’ worse.”—R.I., Hawaii

“This class has helped me to understand myself better and why I could not swim before.  Now I know that I can accept my fears and work on them.”—S.L., Hawaii

“This class is amazing!  Don’t let your fear from lack of self trust hold you back.  Be who you were born to be.”—C.F., Hawaii

“I am an enthusiastic promoter of MSI’s Beginning Class because of the positive changes that result.  Dissipating fear is empowerment, and the bonus is learning skills to benefit one in life.”—E.S., Washington state


“This class did more for me in 24 hours of pool and class time than the previous 30+ years.  I am incredibly happy with the results. My ability to swim freely around the pool is what I was hoping for.”—P.C.

“Course Content: 9, Handbook: 9, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 9, Discussions: 9, Happiness with MSI: 9.”—C.C.

“Great class for people with water fear issues.”—T.W.

“Course Content: more than I expected, Handbook: great! Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: not taught anywhere else.”—L.M.

“This class delivers on its promise.  It is a fun, comfortable technology that dissolves fear and leaves me feeling confident that mastering comfort and ease in the water—both shallow and deep—is very possible and inevitable.” —L.B.N.

“I think there are more people who are afraid of the water but just won’t admit it.  They should face their fears and take this class.  It is life changing. It is just amazing, I am not afraid of the deep end anymore.”—S.J.

“It works.”—R.R.

“This class was an excellent intro to get the basics and to learn how to trust yourself.”  “So much could be applied to so many areas in our lives.”—D.B.F.


“It is amazing, 100% works! I’ve learned all that I wanted and needed to learn to trust myself in the water.  Anyone with intent can succeed.”—S.S., Florida

“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—B.F., Florida

“A truly wonderful experience.”—T.R., Florida

“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 20, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—D.G., Florida

“I am so happy!” —S.G., Florida


“I loved this class.  I felt we were given freedom as we became able to move comfortably.” “Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—A.C., Indiana

“I wish I could have taken this class many years ago.  I would highly encourage anyone that is afraid of water or even uncomfortable in water to take the class.”—G.S., North Dakota

“This is a breakthrough method.”—C.J., Quebec, Canada


“This is the best possible way to learn swimming.”—L.S., New York

“Melon is a person that really cares about her students and not the money.  When I saw her on the internet I thought—wow, she’s a celebrity.  I called to ask about the class—wow, again; she answered the phone.  She remains true to herself.  She is a person like you or I or anyone.  She passionately cares about stopping drowning completely around the world.”—S.B., Georgia

“A life experience I will never forget.”—T.S.K., New Jersey

“This the best class I could have taken because it gave me the time to learn without being treated like I was slowing down the class.”—A.S., South Carolina           

“I am looking forward to the next class!”—P.M., New Jersey

“An experience that will change your life permanently and not just in swimming.”—A.G., Florida

“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 8, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—A.M., Texas

SARASOTA FL, BEGINNING CLASS, JULY 2010, 6 of 6 students:

“If you’re not comfortable in water, whether you do strokes or not, this is where you’ll learn and develop both skills and confidence to be comfortable.”—P.O., Utah

“The MSI method is awesome!”—J.F., New York

“Wonderful.  Best thing I did about swimming.  It has definitely surpassed my expectations.”—B.F., Montana

“This is a futuristic method of teaching individuals according to their needs and capabilities.  It’s your course so you decide what you want to do, how much and when.  The only thing you have to commit to is to stay happy about what you do.”—N.S., Dubai

“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—M.G., Oregon

“Read the book!  Take the class!”—K.L., North Carolina

SARASOTA FL, BEGINNING CLASS, JUNE 2010, 1 of 1 student:

I am so glad I took this class, it was definitely worth the investment that will stay with me forever.”
“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10 ‘Absolutely unique’, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI: 10.”—C.L., Florida

BERKELEY, CA BEGINNING CLASS, JUNE, 2010, 9 of 9 students:

“Perfectly set up to work. Take this class. It is not just about learning to swim; it is about learning about yourself on many levels. No one else does it this way. They should, and not just for swimming. The techniques would work well anywhere.” —T.G., Berkeley

“I may never have found another way to come this far in deep water. I relearned to trust myself, to be in my body both in and out of the water; to live here and now more of the time. Very thorough. I learned it’s okay to go at my own pace.” —T.K. San Francisco

“Ten out of ten. It’s great!” —E.M., Oakland

“It was worth every penny. You will get the suppport and techniques to feel more comfortable in the water. The slow pace and the emphasis on comfort worked very well for me. So did learning to stay in my body.” —F.B.

“It has changed my life. I feel I cannot drown at any spot in the pool.” —L.H.

“It’s worth the money and the time.” —S-L D.

“Great emphasis on fear and how to master it. Incredibly supportive learning environment. Richard is one of the best teachers I have experienced in any field.” —O.W.

“This class is mindblowing. Every single person in the class made huge progress no matter where they started. I learned to be in the deep water and not drown!!!!” —L.W.

One comment incoming. 7/3/10

SARASOTA FL, BEGINNING CLASS JUNE, 2010, 1 of 1 student: 

“I am very happy. I could not find this knowledge or confidence in other lessons I tried. I’m very happy I invested in this.” C.L. Venice, FL

SARASOTA FL, BEGINNING CLASS, APRIL 2010, 2 of 2 students: 

“I feel very, very positive about the whole experience.” —T.F., Toronto

“The entire class was more than I expected.   I took away from the class a confidence I have never had in the water.  I know I did not master all of the skills, but for me I did exceptionally well.  I will take the principles that I have learned and build on them.  I loved all of it, especially the games.  You are a miracle and the name of your company is no coincidence. I am so happy.  I accomplished everything I had hoped to and more.  I am amazed at my accomplishments and I owe it to you.  What I have gained is priceless.” —D.L., Sarasota, FL


“Course Content: 10 ‘Perfect for me’, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching ‘Thought provoking and a good reference’: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10 ‘Absolutely unique’, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI’s class: 10.” “It has been one of the best adult learning experiences I have chosen to pursue in terms of swimming and also looking at different ways of thinking about personal growth and other life challenges.” —C.C., Ohio

“My feelings about this class are mostly positive.  Some disappointment to have not reached my original goal of being comfortable in the middle and deep end.  I think I confused the Beginning class with the Next Step class.”

“Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI’s class: 7.5.” —A.C.

“I thought the class was very informative.  It provides a strong base for building other swimming skills.” —J.M.

“Been through the program and understood our feeling and difficulties was also beneficial.” —R.S.
(We’re checking on conveying this quote correctly! July, 2010)

“Can’t imagine making this much progress with “usual” methods—I’ve tried them!” —L.P. 

BERKELEY CA BEGINNING, FEBRUARY 2010, 6 of 6 students: 

“Pure genius.  I would reflect on how skills were slowly and patiently built brick by brick without us even knowing it.  This gradual approach where we became confident little by little is very ingenious. Very unique, patient approach.  You should patent the technique if it’s not. Fantastic.  Changed my life—really did.  Wish I knew about this eons ago.

What worked for me about this class: first, it’s existence.  Nothing else I found out there for adults who finally want to face this fear.  Second, the approach is pure genius—so patient, confidence building—perfect for what I was seeking. This class has changed my life and opened up new worlds to me—it worked incredibly quickly to get me going in the right direction.” —J.M. San Francisco

“It’s fantastic—I feel that it has changed my life!” —M.B.

“It definitely is the right approach to learning how to swim and overcoming any fear in water.  I was anxious, but very glad I took the class.” —J.O.

“I wish I had taken this class two years ago.  Take the class.” —J.L.

“I am glad I took the class.  I have come a long way to overcoming my fear of deep water.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone afraid of deep water.” —D.M.

“Slow and steady wins the race…” —P.C.  


“Excellent and potentially life-changing IF one takes it with an open mind.  Surrender to the techniques and teaching and success is guaranteed.” —H.M. New York 

“Miracle Swimming is well named.  Miracles happen so often in class, it’s astounding.  And yet, it seems completely normal and natural to make so much progress. It’s very very effective.” —K.M., Orlando

“Extremely valuable in discovering oneself in the water.   Great way to gain confidence and understand how water works.  I would recommend this course to others who cannot swim.” —C.P.

“It is very spiritual with many life lessons as well as learning to swim.  Melon is wise, patient, calm and always seems to have a supportive answer.” —F.K., Seattle

“I feel taking this class is without a doubt the best gift I’ve ever given myself!” —S.T. Ann Arbor, MI

“Very impressed especially the classmates inspiring each other.” —B.F., Toronto

“I feel great about this class.  I never imagined it could possibly work so well.  I came to class not knowing how to float on my front.  I’ve left floating on my front, reversing to my back, doing a handstand in water, propelling myself in water, and jumping into the deep (among other things!) —P.L., Philadelphia

“It is a priceless experience, that the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.  To anyone considering the class—if you’re at the point of considering, what can you lose?  Even if you don’t come out a freestyler, the freedom in the water will open so many new windows.” —L.R. Philadelphia


“Very effective and supportive—Richard is great!”

“For someone who has believed ‘I just can’t swim’ and has never been confident in deep water, this class has been a breakthrough.  For the first time, I felt the water support me.  Tension and fear is turning into trust.” —A.M.

“The class did everything I could have hoped.  While there is a lot more to learn, the class did teach me that swimming is possible.” “Instructors Teaching Style: 10.” —D.H.

“This is the way swimming should always be taught; most classes have it backwards. Instructor Teaching Style: 10.” —M.F.

“It’s wonderful.  It works and it’s fun.” “Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI’s class: 10.” —P.V.

“Such a great experience to have fun in the water, learn the characteristics of the water in supporting us in the water and that I CAN swim.  Just a wonderful class for my life.” —E.R.

“I feel very positive.” “Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI’s class: 10.” —V.K.

“The name of the class says it all!  It’s a miracle.” “Instructor Teaching Style: 10.” “Course Content: 10, Handbook: 10, Uniqueness of MSI Teaching: 10, Effectiveness of MSI Teaching: 10, Discussions: 10, Happiness with MSI’s class: 10.”


“This class is excellent.  I’ve taken swimming classes from 6 other instructors/swim schools and still avoided the water after each of them.  MSI really gets what people require to feel free in the water.” “Instructor Teaching Style: 10.” —L.M.

PALM SPRINGS, CA BEGINNING, NOVEMBER, 2009, 7 of 7 students:

Taking this class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Just before you completely give up on the idea of swimming, give this a try. —Paula Wan, NJ

Enjoyed it tremendously. Everything worked well! Joanetta Fields-Van Rijn, Houston

It revolutionized my thinking about water. —Melannie Guyton, Los Angeles

Don’t procrastinate, just do it! Realize you are not alone. Stats say nearly 50% of the U.S. population cannot swim or can’t swim well. Fulfill yourself! Open your life to new fun, new vacation possibilities. —Ed Dalton, San Jose, CA

Amazing, truly inspirational class. Sign up now. You won’t be disappointed. —Chad Olsen, Chicago

9 out of 10 for discussions. 10 out of ten for course content, handbook, uniqueness of MSI teaching, effectiveness of MSI teaching and happiness with MSI class! —Elaine Dovas, PA

Sometimes…the right things take a long time to find. I spent 45 years miserable with my own fears of the water. In 5 days I learned the truth of “Good things come to those who wait.” I look forward to adding swimming to my life resume!—Brian Diamond, NJ

SARASOTA FL, BEGINNING CLASS, October, 2009, 8 of 8 students:

“Titled correctly: Miracle.” “Course well-designed. Discussions always rich and deep.”
—Alton Hoke, Atlanta

Well worth the cost. I started with a fear of deep water. Now I have had fun in deep water. The course progressions, using games, overcame our fears. The instructors answered our questions and made very good suggestions.
—Alex Jung, New Port Richey, FL

“I would definitely recommend this class to others.”
—Maria Elena Acosta, Miami

“It was a truly rewarding experience. The tools gained here will help anyone be comfortable in water: at your own pace. Melon’s teachings are a simple yet revolutionary way to think about swimming and lessons. Revolutionary because her system allows you to build trust in yourself and access what you already possess within, to feel safe, comfortable and free, at all times, in any body of water. I didn’t want to get out of the water.”
—Michelle Gachette, Boston

“Everything should be taught this way. Exceptional. The only way to learn.”
—Bruce Ruppel, NJ

“I’m very satisfied with what I’ve been able to accomplish in these classes.” “For me, the discussions made all the difference. They addressed all fears and provided new insights. A perfect approach for fearful but willing adults.” “A great combination of psychology and physics for grown-ups who think too much, this approach is nurturing, logical, and fun! —Loretta Casalaina, NJ

BERKELEY CA, BEGINNING, JUNE 2009, 3 of 3 students:

“It was great! Surpassed my expectations. I am very excited and can’t wait to try my skills in another setting.”
—Lois Nissman

“Great! If you are thinking that maybe you will take it, take it! It is worth the time and money.”
—Tracy Rabold

“The class is great for people who have been afraid of the water, as I have. The slow easy pace is perfect.”
—Max Pringle

BOSTON, MA, BEGINNING, JUNE 2009, 7 of 7 students:

Holding on to the edge

“This is a very safe, supportive environment in which to learn and experience your concerns. Ideas are presented in a unique way. The point of view is unique.”
—Karen Schwartz, Lawrenceville, NJ

“The best thing I could have done to become a swimmer. A well thought out approach with a highly skilled instructor: Melon encouraging, supporting, listening, and honoring our emotional reactions to each aspect of gaining confidence and skill.”
—Lorraine Del Col, East Quogue, NY

“It is a unique approach to learning to not be afraid in deep water. It is not as much about swimming as it is about feeling comfortable.”
—Mick Tuohy, Floral Park, NY

“It filled in a piece missing from my childhood. I learned a lot of fun things to do in the water.”
—Lynn Adams, Hackettstown, NJ

“It was excellent! It is well worth the commitment of both a person’s time and money. It is a no fail system.”
—Teresa Campanario-Marchand, Blackstone, MA

“Prior to these classes, I have taken swimming lessons twice without success. MSI’s technique has worked for me.”
—Cathy Bachini, Winthrop, MA

“I can hardly believe my great, good fortune at finding this class which is so aptly named Miracle Swimming. If your fear level is off the Richter Scale, and you think swimming is a dream that will always lie beyond your reach, then Miracle Swimming is for you.”
—Sarah Salerno-Thomas, Hyde Park, MA

Beginning Dallas, TX, May 2009, 5 of 5 students:

“I am really amazed that I can float! I never thought I could and I actually enjoy being in the water more than I thought I would. I have a new outlook towards getting in the pool now and I am so excited about all the possibilities for water activities I can now try out.”
—Jennie Do

“Wonderful class. Learning at your own pace with only adults makes it much more comfortable. Makes you feel at ease.”
—Lucy Cheng

“I feel great about it. Flexible class where everybody goes at his/her own pace.”
—Carlos Tovar

“It really works!”
—Wanjira Barnaby

“Exciting, fun, the best way to face my fears.”

“I am very happy with the class, and will consider doing the next level to improve my comfort level and skills.”
—Tushar Agarival

Beginning Boston, MA, April 2009, 10 of 10 students:

“Joyful and liberating. 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.”
—Barry Schklair, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“When I’m old and looking back over my life, this class will be high on the list, very high on the list, of most important things I’ve done. This I know with great certainty. And my gratitude is beyond measure. 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.”
—Sarah Salerno-Thomas, Boston, MA

—Michelle Lemp, Boston, MA

“This class changed not only my relationship to water, but also my relationship with my body. The support from the instructor, the spotters and the group provided a web of support to help me transform my relationship to the water. Wherever you are, you have the opportunity to move towards complete freedom in water.”
—Daria Ilunga, NYC

“This class is the only one where the instructor knows what makes it hard to learn to swim and knows what to do about it. Others may acknowledge fear but they don’t know how to deal with it successfully. 10, 10, 11, 10, 10, 11.”
—Steve Gates, Princeton, NJ

“Wonderful class—techniques can be applied to so much more than swimming (slowing down, staying present). 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.”
—Jennifer Burrill, Boston, MA

“It has been as I expected. It’s given me the strength, foundation and excitement to move forward and believe I am a swimmer.”
—Gregory Kennedy, NYC

“Awesome!” and “My happiness? 20/10.”
—Kishore Jadhar, London, KY

Beginning Tampa March 2009, 3 of 3 students:

Great class! Amazing. I learnt in 4 days what I had been trying for years. -Ram Kumar, NC

The class is worth every penny. Do not worry if you read the book and thought, “I don’t want to do this or that”—when the time is right you will want to try those exercises. The reinforcement to go at my own pace, to not feel I had to do every single thing suggested, to let the learning come naturally at its own pace really worked for me.
-Jane Knapp, NJ

Don’t change a thing. One word: ☺ BREAKthrough! Endorphins are popping!!! -Hess Mussallet, West Palm, FL

Beginning Baltimore February 2009, 2 of 2 students:

I feel great and very impressed with the class. There was never any pressure. -Sheba Lewis

I would definitely recommend this class to other non-swimming adults.-Donna Parrish


Berkeley, CA Beginning Class, October 2008, 7 of 7 students:

This was time and money well spend for a lifetime skill
-Lem Oandasan

It has been a life-altering experience. What I have learned goes beyond the pool!
Excellent! Richard is awesome…learning can really be fun!-Charmaine Angelo

Iris Rivera: All 10’s.

This program is so easy to learn. This course exceeded my expectations! Excellent program. -John Maresca

Simply a method to conquer fear of the water and other fears in life!!! Techniques for life. Having the spotters was awesome. An extra element of a safe environment. -Frances Ofosu-Amaah

Amazing! Everyone who has ever had any discomfort should take this class—It’s expensive but worth it. -Merin Mathew

I’m delighted I took this class. -Dean Herman

Orlando Beginning Class August 2008, 5 of 5 students:

If a swimming workshop—funshop is on your bucket list you came to the right address. It is a class about how to make dreams/wishes come true. This is not an ordinary swimming class. This is a retreat. This is not a physical experience. It’s a spiritual one. I found a new friend: THE WATER! The element I used to adore and admire from afar and which brought a sense of calm which turned into anxiety and fear as I got closer, today wrapped itself around me, hugged me, and became my friend…. …I thInk I’m falling in love with the water. Melon, in my best dreams, I could not hope for this kind of experience. The only word that comes to my mind is “nirvana.”—Ilana Brietkopf

Good for the body and soul. Just take it! Best money you’ll ever spend. You’ll love the people you meet and the joy of accomplishment. —Vivian McGee

If you ever doubted that you could swim, try Miracle Swimming and dispel that belief.
—Cynthia Wong-Klinek

It increases self confidence through a new sense of competency almost from the beginning of the course. —Kathleen Ferguson

10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 —Dia Zaraga

Beginning Berkeley August 2008, 9 of 9 students:

Excellent! -Jimmei Hu

I had a fabulous time. Fear of the water has plagued me all my life—now I can have fun!
-Margaret Simon

The class was phenomenal! It filled in all of the blanks for me so I could be comfortable in the deep water. What an amazing experience in only four weeks. -Evelyn Goodwin

I am so thankful for this experience -Sandra K. Lee

This class is exactly what I need in getting to know the water and to begin feeling comfortable in the deep end. Even though I wish I knew about this class sooner, I feel that taking this class now is still perfect. -Tracy Kwok

You can only profit, whether it is inside or outside of pool. -Roland Summer, Germany

Surprisingly, amazingly effective. -David Huang

It has been very helpful and encouraging. I want to continue to keep myself in the water and having fun with it.
-Lucia Kaplan

This class builds an excellent foundation for any water activity. -Russell Rosales

Freestyle Class Moraga July 2008, 8 students:

This has been an incredible experience. There was so much I wanted to say or ask but I knew if I waited you’d address my questions and you did. It was an amazing experience. I would encourage every beginner to set their goals to include a freestyle class, as it brings everything together and builds the confidence to want to swim anywhere. Melon, Thank you so much for having the passion for swimming and for giving it to so many others. I’m eternally grateful and wish to share it with others too. -Connie Ray

Husband and wife learning freestyle after their Beginning, Next Step, and Snorkeling courses

If you want swimming to be a serious part of your life, just take the class.
My experience of the freestyle class also was excellent, although I do feel tired. Choosing to take the class at the last moment was the right choice.. -Jan Bottorff

Outstanding, amazing, life-changing, perfectly tailored and presented for its audience. Overall highest, highest marks. It’s literally been a revelation and transformation for me and not just regarding swimming and water. Even if you “think” you can swim, take this class. It is a mind shifting experience. -Greg Wellons

I can’t believe it! Do it! You may not believe it but it CAN happen. Must not work during the week of class! – Angel Tremble

This has been a wonderful experience. I gave myself time and permission to experience and digest putting freestyle together. I got what I came for and more. A very satisfying, stirring, idea provoking, experience. -June Carrin

Incredible, amazing, awesome, freeing! Stop wasting your time ‘considering’… Just do it!! You’ll be as happy as I am right now. -Cristina Torres

Berkeley Next Step July 2008, 8 students:

Great class; the greatest Ahah! -Don Cortezano

I treasured being able to take the class at my own pace. Well worth the time and money. -Denise Leo

In order to feel free and safe in water it is essential to take these next steps. -Lavonne Walton

Much more comfortable in the deep, knowing that the water holds me up and I can always come up for air. – Mainak Banerjee

Don’t quit before the miracle(s) happen! They just keep happening and happening the more you experience this! I really feel like I’ve internalized this beyond my swimming. -Greg Wellons

If you have even the slightest apprehension or fear in the water, this class will transform you!
-Joseph Cochrane

Loved it! I wish it was the full 8 sessions as I still have work to do. -Marjorie Cango

I value the values, methods, perpective and psychological focus and I recommend it to others who have fears about H2O. -Darlene Hall

Glenwood Springs Beginning and Next Step May 2008, mid-class comments:

In the deep water, after several attempts to back float away from the wall, I was able to float away and stay focused then reverse direction and slowly “swim” back. This really felt good – an accomplishment. -Dick Friesen

I am doing things I never thought possible—and I am comfortable and happy. Real progress in just a few sessions. Amazing comfort/amazing progress. Yea! I am amazed at how comfortable I have felt all week; I felt more comfortable immediately. 40+ years of fear, gone in less than one week. That is amazing. -DJ

I was able to remain calm while back floating, doing reversal, and then front floating next to the wall in deep end. What a great surprise! I never thought I’d enjoy diving head first toward the bottom of the pool, but I did. -Val Friesen

Berkeley Students

Finally conquered the back float. Just making my mind up to slow down, go to the wading pool, not worrying about the others were doing made the difference. I even learned the recovery, once again by slowing it down and letting it happen, instead of forcing it. -Wayne Dufault

Being kind to myself has been a must so far in this class. Despite my frustration at not learning some skills as quickly I’d hoped. I have done more and became more comfortable than ever before. I learned to float on day 3 and it was a huge moment. Listening to my body is still new and every second I learn as I pay closer and closer attention. -Loretta

I can use my skills – back float, front float, propelling – in deep water with little or no difference than in shallow. How much “fun” deep water can be! I no longer think of “how deep” the water is. Frustrated with not being able to get to bottom: too much buoyancy? (body fat!) (THIS STATEMENT WOULD HAVE BEEN LAUGHABLE 6 MONTHS AGO!!!) -Jo Anne Yaremko

With my new goggles on, I’ve been watching the dreaded bottom in the deep end. But nobody’s down there; not even close! It’s a lot of useless space where nobody goes! All the swimmers are up on top, same as me, and they are not struggling one bit to stay there. I’m beginning to believe the bottom is irrelevant. It’s losing its power!! -Marilyn Montoya

Next Step Glenwood Springs May 2008, 7 students:

If you want to continue to feel comfortable in water (shallow or deep), this is the class that will get you there! -JoAnne Yaremko

It works. Looked for 20 years and finally found the answers I needed. Repeat this in the right voice: “Stay in your body and it will come.”–Field of Dreams. -Berta Robinson

Just do it -Michael Johannes, Melbourne, Australia

Trust yourself to take the class. It is such a worthy investment. It allowed me to get to a point where I could have (for the first time) fun in the water with my kids. That in itself was worth every penny. In my 5 year old’s words: “Mom, it was amazing!” after an afternoon in the water. -Ana Campos

Thankful it’s out there. True blessing. It’s the way to learn swimming and you can apply the method to any other fears one is trying to conquer. -Janet Jove

It changed my life. -Marilyn Montoya

No matter where you are on your journey to freedom in the water there are so many tools available to help you get there—Next Step helps you by making the tools so much easier to use. -Nina Solo


Beginning Berkeley November 2007, 6 students:

This class has opened up a whole new world to me-physically, emotionally and spiritually. This class is the best thing since chocolate. I couldn’t have hoped for a better instructor. I would tell someone who is afraid of the water that they can’t NOT take this class. Even though its expensive, if you can somehow swing the cost, it works. —D.E.

Simply one of the best experiences of my life. —Joseph C.

This class has been amazing and I plan to continue with further sessions. Although I still have a long way to go, I am more comfortable in water than I have ever been. —Traci H.

Definitely well worth the time and money. —Denise L.

This is an excellent class for any adult who really wants to be comfortable in the water. —Mary Elyn B.

Would recommend this class to anyone afraid in water. Never thought I would ever make the progress I’ve made. —Angie S.

Comments from Every Class Member of the November, 2007 Palm Springs, CA Class

My whole life I have been taught to ignore fears and concerns. I lost the ability to listen to my sixth sense. This class introduced the steps necessary to reconnect my sixth sense as I begin once again to trust what I feel, sense, and experience. Ana C., So. California

This approach to swimming is the only way to go. We all think we’ll be the exception and not be able to swim. But it’s a real breakthrough and truly works because it focuses on the mind-body connection. For every trime I got stuck, there was an inevitable victory.—Catherine R., Sedona, AZ

It’s amazing. You have no idea what you’ve done for me. John B., Idaho

Mind blowing opportunity to change the way I respond to my physical world. Keith W., San Francisco

I rate my happiness with this class at 10 out of 10. What worked especially well for me was “no pressure.”
— Carol S., TX

Take it. If you really want to enjoy water, take it. — Nancy V., Palm Desert, CA

The class is so well thought-out. Words are inadequate! Stop thinking about it and do it! —Berta R., Denver, CO

This class is truly a miracle class. Try it! It’s definitely worth it. —Janet J., So. Cal.

Beginning Berkeley September 2007, mid-class comments:

I actually feel like I am beginning to feel like I trust the water. I also was excited to unfloat from the back float – I am excited to come each session now. -Cathy Sisneros Chung

For the first time in my life (I am 45 years old), I enjoyed being in the water. I actually had fun in the water. I was disappointed that our time in the pool was over. Before this class, I never thought I could have fun in the pool. Now I know I can and will. -Stephen Han

First time in the deep end of the pool without being frantic. -Mainak Banerjee

Today I dived to pick up a toy and tried to sit on the bottom, what fun. I also did a sommersault! I never thought I could do that. It’s been a fun class so far especially today. -Stephen Han

Beginning Berkeley September 2007, 6 students:

I wish I knew about this class long ago. I wasted so much time and money trying to learn to swim the “normal” way. I am so amazed how much I learned in two short weeks. -Stephen Han

The first session convinced me that it was going to work. So that was critical. First time in the deep end of the pool without being frantic. -Mainak Banerjee

Definitely worth taking. I’ve learned more than I thought I would in two weeks. -Ben Adley

All things should be taught this way. -Jim Bulgatz

Learning in a slow paced environment and remaining in your body was very effective. -Carmel Keane

Comments from 8 of 8 students of the August, 2007 Berkeley, CA Class

“I love, love, love the class. I’ve already referred people to it. Perfect size of 10 max students .”
— Mary Hau, San Francisco

“A must-do.” — Sheila Page, Oakland, CA

“I feel great that I took this class. I would highly recommend it especially to people who are scared of water. The spotter helped me float and it was incredible and that was the beginning of the miracle.”
— Louella Wilson, Concord, CA

“10++++++. Nothing else could have worked for me, as far as I believe. It’s been a life-changing and enhancing experience for me. It far transcends swimming, although that, alone would have been more than worth it. I learned so much about myself, my ego, my capabilities, what blocks me, etc. It was worth every penny I spent and then some. I went far beyond what I thought possible.” —Greg Wellons, San Francisco


“It was excellent. I’m ready to take more classes. Already signed up for Next Step and looking forward to Freestyle.” —John Bibby, Oakland, CA

“It was miraculous. I was able to do things like floating and swimming in the deep end that I thought I would never do.” —Grande Lum, Oakland, CA

“This class has changed my life. I’ve received and learned more than I ever thought possible. I’m very happy and thankful.” —Fred Gapasin, San Francisco

“Fears dissolved one by one. A new world has completely opened up. Truly transformational and more fun than I could ever imagine.” —Herdis Pelle, Oakland, CA

Beginning Berkeley July 2007, Email :

I can’t tell you how relieved, astonished, happy, grateful, empowered, excited, triumphant (there are probably more adjectives but that’s a good sample) I feel. I went from being very nervous about walking across the shallowest part of the shallow end on the first day, to repeatedly diving head-first into the deep end on the last day.

The first time I accomplished a front float and returned to my feet on my own and realized I was “okay”, I was so overcome by the milestone it represented that I burst into tears—and I’m not a “crier”!

Thank you for this class, and for having a website so that I could find it when I decided it was “time” to finally do something about my fear. That fear I used to have! I’m not afraid anymore.
– Denise Howard

Comments from Every Class Member of the July, 2007 Berkeley, CA Class (8 of 8 students)

“Well worth the time and investment no matter how far you progress within the class time. The point is you take it at your own pace.” —Denise Leo

“It’s amazingly effective.” —Helen Morgan

“Great class. Highly recommended!” —Grace Chang

“Very positive, indeed. I would encourage all fearful non-swimming adults to take the class. But I would encourage TSI to look closely at each student’s ability and advise them very closely on which class to take.” —Barbara Lane

“Class was great. Want to swim? Take this class. You will.” —David Atkin

I learned that the water supports me. Going slowly, doing what’s fun, getting instruction, and it all comes together. Richard and Deborah are excellent.” —Linda Brannan

“I came in skeptical and apprehensive along with my fear of the water, itself. I’ve come away astounded, and accomplishing things that I couldn’t even imagine before, without any fear at all. It seems too good to be true, but it is true! —Denise Howard

“Rate my happiness with TSI’s class? 9 out of 10.” —Cyndi Chaw

Comments from Every Class Member of the June, 2007 Glenwood Springs, CO Next Step Class

Many thanks to both instructors. You both have helped my dream to swim come true. —Grace E.

…I think this is the only way I couldn’t overcome my fear of water. I’m exremely grateful to Melon for developing and perfecting this program. I would highly recommend it. —Ana O.

I feel this class along with the others has enriced my life in many different ways. My confidence and self esteem have improved and I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. —Nina S.

No one should go through life without this class. —Carson B.

I would suggest that for those who have tried everything and given up hope, there is one more approach to try– and it works! Gene S.

This doesn’t work for me. I don’t understand it. Don D.

Comments from Every Class Member of the May, 2007 Berkeley, CA Class

(eight students):

“I felt the class was wonderful.” —Vickie, Singapore

“I have shared my experience of this Beginning class with many people—and much to my surprise, many of these are non-swimming adults that have never let their fears be known. I can’t wait for the next class, but will have to. ” — Gaye Foss

“I loved the class and learned a lot. ” — Corrie Bowe

“The instructor makes all the difference in how I learn. He is perfect for this and he was once one of us. He relates to the feeling of being fearful and needing to take steps at our own pace.” —Nicole Acker

“I’m glad I finally had a chance to experience this class. If you are uncomfortable in any way in the water then you will never be able to experience the freedom you can have: the knowledge of your body’s buoyancy and idea of staying in your body. I liked the fact that I could really go at my own pace. In doing so, it allowed me to learn more than I ever have in swimming lessons. ” —LaShonda Jackson

“I was very happy: no pressure. I liked the class. It is the first time I have been in the deep end. ” —Ahmad Hadi

“I’m very happy with the class. I feel silly I didn’t take it long ago.” —Jan Bottorf

This class allowed me to learn to be comfortable in water. It taught me the basics which I never got in other classes. ” —Anonymous